Week 2

Week 2 Topics: Principles and Practices of Co-Design

This page provides a brief overview of key topics and dates, as well as links to course materials that we’ll be using this week.

Key Information


Tuesday, Jan. 18 – Sunday, Jan. 23

Week 2 Assignment To-Do List

  • due Wednesday, Jan. 19, by the beginning of class
    • watch Dr. LW & Dr. C’s weekly video(s) (see below)
    • readings and annotations
      • Read and annotate chapter 2 of Design Justice
      • Ch. 7 in Mismatch
      • Part 3, pp. 146-89 in Beyond Sticky Notes
  • due Thursday, Jan. 20, by 11:59 pm ET
    • Thursday Participation Assignment (assignment description) (see below for this week’s workshopping instructions)
  • due Friday, Jan. 21, by 11:59 pm ET (submit in Teams)


Week 2 takes us deeper into Inclusive Design and Design Justice, as we explore their principles and approaches. We’ll participate in a design jam to introduce, and give you some hands-on experience with, some key practices in co-design, a design approach that is central to both inclusive design and design justice. You’ll also continue to work on your projects, and reflect on what you’ve been learning in the context of your project.


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Thursday Participation Assignment

Project Workshopping Activity Instructions for 1/20/21

On Thursday, we expect you to connect synchronously or asynchronously with one or more classmates (or project groups) to discuss and provide support and feedback on your and their project progress. You will be asked to share the outcome of these discussions in your weekly reflection.

Please use the following prompts as a starting place to guide your conversation:

  • What have you done so far on your project?
  • What challenges have you encountered so far, or things that you’re stuck on?
  • What are you thinking about in terms of your Table of Collaboration and the ID/DJ practices you’ll implement this term?

You can connect at a time that works for you, it doesn’t have to be during our scheduled class time. However, Dr. LW and Dr. C will be hanging out in our class Zoom during our scheduled class time (1-3 pm ET) – please drop in if you and/or your group have any questions about the project requirements or your project idea.

Participation Assignment Menu

*In addition to the project feedback discussion, make sure to also complete one activity from the Participation Assignment Menu! Choose and complete one activity from the list on this page.