Reflective Journals

Reflection as a regular practice helps you to make your thinking and learning visible, and to think about yourself as a learner. Each week, you will be required to turn in a reflection journal that responds to these prompts. There is no word limit, use as much space as you need to *completely and thoughtfully respond to the prompts.

*What does it mean to completely and thoughtfully respond to the prompts? Your writing must demonstrate curiosity about the topic(s) you are exploring and your own thinking and learning about those topics. We should be able to get a sense for what you are learning, what you still need or want to learn, and how you are learning.

Reflection on learning

  • What are the one or two most important ideas, for you, that emerged from this week?
  • What questions remain for you about this week’s topic?
  • What do you understand better as a result of this week?
  • How are you feeling about your progress toward your personal learning goals for this course? Do you need any additional supports?

Reflection on project work

  • How did your project workshopping with your classmates inform your thinking this week?
  • What progress did you make toward your project goals this week?
  • What steps will you take to make progress on your project next week?
  • What supports do you need at this point in order to make progress on your project?

Deadline: Fridays, 11:59 pm. Submit via Teams.