Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a class conversation and community space. Instead of using Canvas, we wanted to use something that provides more immediacy and Teams can help with that. In Teams, we’ll have channels for informal conversations, Q&A, and other class participation opportunities. You can also use Teams to send direct messages to Dr. LW and Dr. C (instead of email!).

To get started, visit and log in with your Middlebury credentials. You will be able to download a Teams client for your computer (strongly recommended!) and join the class Teams space. You can also use Teams from within your browser, but you might encounter some functionality limitations and you might miss important class notifications.

Speaking of notifications, we encourage you to turn yours on during the run of this course. Click the Account button at the top right corner of the Teams screen and click Settings. Click Notifications and adjust the notifications so that you are notified about updates to the class Team space.

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Microsoft Teams video training

Starting or joining live meetings in Teams