Grading guidelines

This course is graded pass/fail. We have drafted a set of suggested grading guidelines that provide the expectations for the quality and quantity of work that you’ll need to complete in order to earn a passing grade in the course.

Why are they called “suggested” grading guidelines? Because we would like to invite you to work with us to co-create the final guidelines. We’ll take some time in class to discuss the guidelines and finalize them together.

Suggested Grading Guidelines

Grade of P

To earn a Passing grade in this class, you need to:

  • complete all weekly assignments.
  • participate in digital annotation and discussion of key texts in ways that connect key ideas in the texts, show your engagement with those ideas, as well as connections to your personal experience. Digital annotations can and should also include engagement with peers’ annotations and questions that you have about the text.
  • write reflective journals entries that demonstrate curiosity about the topic(s) you are exploring and your own thinking and learning about those topics. We should be able to get a sense for what you are learning, what you still need or want to learn, and how you are learning.
  • submit the 2 components of the final project (the project proposal, and the final project deliverable), and participate in the project workshopping opportunities
  • contribute to a challenging and stimulating class environment through your thoughts and questions. Your contributions and understandings should help your peers learn.
  • have specific and constructive responses and feedback to your peers during workshopping sessions and in project work.

Grade of F

To earn a Failing grade in this class, you need to:

  • fail to meet requirements for a passing grade.
  • submit analysis of topics in course interactions, reflections, and assignments that are superficial, that lack evidence, curiosity, reflection, and self-reflection.
  • not contribute to the class in a way that helps your peers to learn.
  • provide responses to peers that are not constructive and do not contribute to their growth and development in the course.