About Dr. LW and Dr. C

Dr. Sarah Lohnes Watulak

pronouns: she / her /hers

Dr. LW is the director of digital pedagogy and media for DLINQ at Middlebury. She joined Middlebury in 2018, after leaving Towson University, where she was a professor of instructional technology in the College of Education. Her work involves overseeing a team of instructional designers who partner with faculty on a range of digital learning projects, and developing faculty professional learning programming (e.g., workshops, communities of practice). When she’s not working, Dr. LW is likely spending time with her family, rowing on her rowing machine, or snuggling with one of her three feline furbabies.

Dr. Amy Collier

pronouns: she / her /hers

Dr. C is the associate provost for digital learning, leading the Office of Digital Learning (DLINQ) and working as part of the Office of the Provost team. She joined Middlebury in 2015 after several years working at Stanford University. Her work involves supporting strategic initiatives, setting direction for DLINQ, and building/supporting the DLINQ team. When she is not working, Dr. C is probably teaching Jazzercise classes, doing something crafty (or Minecrafty) with her son, or cooking up something paleo in the kitchen.