Week 1

Week 1 Topics: Designs that Exclude; Foundational Values and Practices of Inclusive Design and Design Justice

This page provides a brief overview of key topics and dates, as well as links to course materials that we’ll be using this week.

Key Information


Monday, Jan. 10 – Sunday, Jan. 16


Online via Zoom. We will email a link to you and post the link in Teams.

Week 1 Assignment To-Do List

  1. due Wednesday, Jan. 13, by the beginning of class
    • readings and annotations (how to annotate using Hypothes.is)
      • read and annotate Introduction and Chapter 1 in Design Justice: Community-Led Practices to Build the Worlds we Need, by Sasha Costanza-Chock
      • Chapters 1-3 in Mismatch, by Kat Holmes
      • Part 1 & Part 3/Building the Conditions (pp. 75-145) in Beyond Sticky Notes, by Kelly Ann McKercher
  2. due Thursday, Jan. 14, by 11:59 pm ET
    • Thursday Participation Assignment (assignment description) (see below for this week’s workshopping instructions)
  3. due Friday, Jan. 15, by 11:59 pm ET


We’re going to cover a lot of ground this week. We’ll spend some time getting familiar with the course, each other, and developing personal and community expectations and goals, and course environment. We’ll also dive into our course topic via thinking together about designs that exclude, and how inclusive design approaches can be used to push back against exclusionary design; this will also be a chance to start brainstorming ideas for your culminating project, which you’ll work on throughout the term. We’ll also participate in a design jam to begin exploring approaches to putting inclusive design and design justice into practice.


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Thursday Participation Assignment

Project Workshopping Activity Instructions for 1/13/21

On Thursday, we expect you to connect synchronously or asynchronously with one or more classmates to discuss and provide feedback on your and their project proposal ideas/drafts. You will be asked to share the outcome of these discussions in your weekly reflection.

Please use the following prompts as a starting place to guide your conversation:

  • How well does this idea/proposal meet the project requirements?
  • Use the prompts: I like, I wish, I wonder / What If…? to help your partner(s) identify what is missing and/or to help them deepen their thinking

You can connect at a time that works for you, it doesn’t have to be during our scheduled class time. However, Dr. LW and Dr. C will be hanging out in our class Zoom during our scheduled class time (1-3 pm ET) – please drop in if you and/or your group have any questions about the project requirements or your project idea.

Participation Assignment Menu

*In addition to the project feedback discussion, make sure to also complete one activity from the Participation Assignment Menu! Choose and complete one activity from the list on this page.