Thursday Participation Assignment

Rather than meeting in Axinn on Thursdays, we are offering flexibility and choice in how you engage in your classwork on that day. This is called the Thursday Participation Assignment.

One element of the assignment is a project workshopping activity that we’ll assign at the start of the week. You can find instructions on the Week pages on this course website.

The second element of the assignment is an activity of your choice from the list below:

  • Dig deeper into reading annotations: Engage deeply with other students’ annotations on the readings. Ask questions. Respond to comments. Dig deeper into your own thinking and make connections across readings.
  • Engage with a Digging Deeper reading or video: We offer a bunch of resources for digging deeper in ways that support your learning and your project. If you engage with a reading or video as your second element, you’ll need to provide a brief reflection on that reading/video.
  • Add an example to the Exclusionary Design Wall of Shame: To help you attune your noticing skills, post examples of exclusionary designs on the Exclusionary Design Wall of Shame. You can post any time, not just to complete this assignment. When you post to the Wall of Shame, include information about what makes the design exclusionary, where these designs are found, and information/ideas on more inclusive approaches to that design exclusion. You can also interact with posts other students have made.